Sunday, 21 March 2021

Sentimentally Yours - Phill Martin new dies

Hi everyone and hope you all okay.

I'm here on and off quite a bit for the last few months. With hubby not been to good, had a heart monitor now fitted underneath his skin to keep an eye on his heart. Coming off the beta blockers as bad side effects, been on three different ones so it's deal with it. Stress. New granddaughter arrived four weeks early, all okay as was home the next day. Busy making samples. Had covid jab, in bed for two days, OA is having a flare up. Head not been in right place but we still plodding the on lol. We live in a semi detached but now landlord is planning to build onto side of ours so we then become a mid terrace. He's giving us the opportunity to move into the new one but also going to do ours up, knock wall down etc so it's up to us. Not looking forward to living on a building site, done that before a few times lol. Hay ho we still plodding on just bit slower....
Less of me going on as here's a few samples as Phill Martin, Sentimentally Yours is launching some new dies on hochanda TV tonight at 6pm then again at 8pm.

Take care
xx Lozzy xx

Trying out blogger pro app on phone. Better than blogger app, so far is


  1. Hi Lozzy all your makes are stunning. I love them all. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. Gorgeous set of cards and new dies Lozzy. Praying that your life will improve this year...Lots of Hugs..Loz

  3. Lozzy, these cards are all gorgeous! I will keep you in my prayers, you sound down understandably. Please stay strong, things will get better! XOXO


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