Nin's Fun Times

Nin went to sleep on the 23rd January 2019 at 4.40pm
Some of her fun times...had so many

Miss you Nin

they brought me home for the day

a week before i went to sleep..
i couldn't walk very far but still wanted to go for a walk to see my friends

did a lot of resting

what i did and the things they made me do

hows you doing

looking after my van

play time

what have you got for me today

waiting with mum

are you coming

going to feed the ducks today

 who's that over there

look..where i was running so fast i fall over and grazed my chin

i be good i promise

loving it loving it

what are you playing to me

where we going

doing a big of gardening

just having a naughty moment

do i have to look like this

not happy..what did you do to me

its think time

im coming

a feather in my hair

play time

not again

its to hot so iv found some shade

first time at the sea side

im not here really

so snug

are you ok

what do you listening

what have you done to me

can i play darts with you dad

bargain of the year

oh...there you are it

they've put me in a straight jacket

listening to the music

chilling with dad in front of the fire

do i have to be in the boot

i just couldn't keep awake

id sleep any where

always chilled out

my 1st swim..dont like

get me out of here

im listening

wasn't me...

having a rest with mum

will be helping mum eat her chips

could even stand on a walls

chilling in the park

can you see me

some of my fun times...had lots and lots

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  1. So many wonderful memories Lozzy...Fabulous photos of Nin.. Lots of Hugs...Loz&TeddyB


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