Friday, 1 February 2019

Miss our Nin/Long post

On the 23rd January at 4.40pm we had to say goodbye to our Nin. My heart broke as we had to have her put to sleep and seeing her going to sleep was one of the hardest things iv had to do. Im crying writing this still now as i miss my best friend so much. Wake up crying as still thinking of her in my sleep then i have to go through the opening the front room door not seeing her sitting there smiling and wagging her tail in the mornings. She was with us all the time, didn't matter where we went she came with us and everyone loved her for her kind and loving nature.

She gave us nearly 10 years of fun and love and id say she had a happy loving and life once we rescued her from the first few years of her live as a breeding dog. Dog warden had picked her up from the streets not long having pups as she was still producing milk plus had a cut on top of her head. No one came forward to claim her so we took her home were the fun started. The vet said that she was about 3 years old plus had a few litters of pups already. After her having a phantom pregnancy she went back to the vets to be no more puppies opp. We nearly lost her then due to not coming round from the anaesthetic very well but she was a fighter and trying to keep her calm after was fun as at that time she didn't really no any commands as to what you was asking her to do or wanting.
It took a while for her to behave herself with not trashing the house while you was asleep or not being nice to other dogs/cats etc. We never gave up on her as i new there was a good dog inside her some where and then with the click of a finger she changed and just got better and better. She turned into a dog who new what you was saying, understood how you was feeling and made you happy. Helped me with hubby as she told me when hubby was going to have a funny do (mental health issues) so i new what to say and to keep things calm for him (long story) She would just keep looking at him and do a little shake thing as a warning to say its coming. She was such an intelligent dog, if you new her you understood. Could even use the computer lol

She started to have breathing problems end of last June. Noticed about September time she had a lump under her chin in her throat part which was there one day them gone the next. Vet said she would have to knock her out them put a camera down but there was nothing they could do if they found something, think they thought it was cancer. Due to her not coming round from the anaesthetic when younger/ age as she was about 13/ nothing they could do they said so we didnt want to put her through having anything done. Thats been hard to live with over the months knowing that we couldn't help her and watching her go down hill. One thing is i was doing a lot of researching with her symptoms and found out about LUNGWORM which i treated her for due to she had nearly all of the symptoms (may have been to late). PLEASE PLEASE check that your wormer that you are using to treat you dogs covers LUNGWORM as a lots of the worming treatment that the vets give/over the counter dont cover LUNGWORM. In the UK we are having a lot more cases due to the wet weather as its slugs and snails that carry the disease plus found in foxes. If not treated it can kill your dog. I didnt no anything about it plus found out the wormers Nin was having didn't cover it. Hope this has helped if you didnt no.
Beginning of January i took her to a different vets who said they could give steroids to see if it helps with her breathing. After 3 days course i took her back vets, out of the 3 days she had 1 good day. We tried another 7 day course in which she did get a bit better but a few days after finished she went down hill. It was the Wednesday morning when she wanted to eat but couldn't as the food started to fall out of her mouth plus couldn't drink i new it as time. During the day she just laid there shaking and i couldn't see her go through any more so we said it was time.
The vets were so lovely and Nin went to sleep so quietly with me and hubby stroking/cuddling her. I was in a bit of a state and still crying now writing this. The vets sorted so we could have her ashes so now she is all better, running round one of her favourite walks she used to go to having fun running free.

Nin's ashes, she came home for the day

Scattered her ashes on the 30th Jan at one of her favourite walks
The view Nin has now and where she is running round having fun

The lovely card we received from the Vets

Think i shall do a page tab on here with lots of pictures of Nin, well my blog is called Nins Handmade Cards. I be ok soon and must get in my craft room, will miss my crafting buddy as she was always in there with me....sorry for this post but hoping now this will help....take care....Hugs Lozzy xx

Having you all here in blog land is making me keep going due to not wanting to let you down plus my DT team mates as new i had challenges coming up plus to sort out A Bit More Time To Craft Challenge.....thank you


  1. OMGoodness how sad. I am so very sorry for your loss. She looked like such a sweet dog. She will be at peace now waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge.
    Sending a huge hug to you
    IKE xxx

  2. Oh Lozzy. I am so sorry about Nin..It is just like losing a family member as they are family. For weeks after I lost Hardy I still expected him to run to the door when I came home..I love all the photos especially the photo on Nin on the computer. Lots of Hugs.. Loz&TeddyB

  3. (((Lozzy))) I'm so sorry to hear about Nin, being a Dog owner I know how they become part of our lives and at times can be better than any friend or family member. Time will heal but you will never forget as you have such fond memories of your times together with Nin.
    Our first Dog was 17 when we had to say goodbye to her she was our companion before the children arrived then became a faithful friend to each of our children as they arrived one by one. Sadly old age took her from us, her ashes are buried in our garden where we planted a tree in her memory.
    With her no longer around there was a huge void in all of our lives and we chose to do something we said we would never do. We chose to give a home to another dog. We were lucky enough to find a family who breed Labradors and allowed us to meet both parents along with their pups from 10 days old, it was a great bonding experience for my Children and we were under no obligation to take one home when they were ready to leave the Mother... but we did and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made as a family.
    Although she has had health issues over the past 2 years each day is still a tail wagging one. She is nearly 12 now..
    Sending BIG HUgs your way Lozzy and remember it is OK to feel the way you do.
    Take good care of yourself Tracey xx

  4. I was so saddened to hear of the loss of your sweet and beloved Nin, Lozzy. I know how painful it is. I went through that horrible experience our Akita (who was almost 12 yrs old) and our darling little tuxedo kitty 5 years ago. They died a year apart from one another. It leaves such a huge hole in your heart. I feel your pain. Sending you lots of big hugs.

  5. Oh gosh, I'm crying, reading this. I'm so sorry for the loss of your best friend. I do know what it feels like - it's 12 years since my baby was taken, but I still miss him so much. They are such a huge part of our lives and it will take a long time for you to not miss seeing her greet you or sit next to you or at your feet. My heart goes out to you. Time does heal but if you can celebrate her life and what she meant to you, I found that really did help me! I made a small book of photos and journaled about my boy two years after he died - sobbed buckets as I was adding the journaling, but it really was cathartic and I do still have it.
    Cath x


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