Tuesday, 30 April 2019

New addition to the family

Hi everyone and hope you all ok

Im here to show you our new addition to the family. He's been with use now since 29th February and lets say its been up and down with settling him in with hubby but they both getting on now, well 90% of the time. (they have had me in tears a lot)
He's 21 month old now and been a bit of a hand full with not knowing much but he's turning into a good boy.

he's a staffy x boxer and full of it but he's lovely

funny as his markings are similar to what our Nin's was

Take care
xx Lozzy xx


  1. AWE!!! He is so Handsome Lozzy. I am sure he will settle in and be a lovely member of your family....Hugs Loz&Teddy|B

  2. Lozzy he is adorable, i'm so glad you now have a new addition to the family. He will help heal your hearts and bring lots of joy to you all. You probably don't know but we lost our beloved Boni(ta) at the end of March you know how sad it is but you've brought a huge smile to mine & hubbies face this evening.. Enjoy making friends with your new family member.
    Huge Hugs Tracey xx
    P.S You forgot to tell us what his name is :)x

  3. Have fun with your new four footed friend, he looks great. Hugs, Valerie

  4. He is lovely, it is a worry when you get a dog, especially a rescue as ours was, as you don't know what they are going to be like, we have been lucky and hope you will be too, xxxx


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