Monday, 28 November 2016

Beautiful Real Rose for Mrs Grumps

Hi everyone and hope you all ok.

Beautiful Rose to brighten your day and yes yes yes its a real rose.

I was Mrs Grumps last week and down in the dumps. Had a fare up id say with my OA so had a bit/lot of extra pain so wasn't happy and thinking of the future put me on a downer again. Think i no what triggered it of for me this time, ORANGES as i was eating a lot of oranges due to everyone having colds and i dont do cold so i eat many oranges to boost my Vitiman C to help fight the cold bugs about. Found out that oranges can be one of the worse things to eat when you have OA so they are a no no for me from now on as i was in agony with my back. 2 years ago i had an xray to then be told i have OA in my lower back, both Hips, SIJ's, neck and now think i may have in my right shoulder. Seeing doctor on the 14th December about my shoulder and whats been going on. Not a happy bunny as it stops me from doing things and there's always lots of things i have to do so now im having to think as to what to do, 1st is iv got to get up and move about again now lol. 
Scheduled posts coming you way later un i be back later

Take care
xx Lozzy xx

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