Thursday, 19 June 2014

Is it my end or is blogger playing up again

Hi everyone and hope you all ok...

Im having problems with blogger and its getting me a bit mad now. Can anyone HELP PLEASE. .. Its been playing up all week and i can not get it to work right, me an hubby have been fiddling with all the setting and PC but nothing is working. Was fine one day then started the next. To try and explain i thought it be easer to take photo of the pc screen. All my blogs are fine up the top so i can still get into and post on my blog and the DT blogs. Its the bit under ALL Blogs. Did used to have a picture and what you had said on your blog in a long list like the one below but now im only getting the one and just that one changes. Click View More and nothing happens. I still have all a list of your blogs down the left side but its mainly the daily feeds i think its called has gone.
Iv just tried it through Bloglovin and getting the list of your daily feeds that way but not many of you are on that. As that works think its blogger. Not working through Google Chrome or Internet Explorer... Is there are one else having problems or is it me...

Take Care
xx Lozzy xx


  1. I was having problems with mine too (not exactly same issue) and it fixed itself when I switched from Chrome to Firefox for my browser. Hope it helps....I know it bites when you can't see what everyone else is doing. Hugs, Robin

  2. i am using google chrome and i have no problems.i do tend to use bloglovin to vist blogs though.i also clear my chrome browsing history weekly(via the chrome settings) because i find chrome can run slow otherwise.i hope you are fixed soon.

    xx coops xx

  3. Good luck Lozzy. I am no help as I often have trouble with blogger and just have to wait a few days for it to work again.. I use google chrome and love it..

  4. Hi Lozzy I think it has a mind of its own. I was having a problem in that when I pressed view more nothing happened this went on for a while then just righted itself so maybe the same will happen for you! Susan xx


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