Thursday, 31 October 2013

Me so Happy and Happy Halloween

Hi everyone and hope you all ok and Happy Halloween...
Wanted to say a big thank you for all your kind wishes regarding Olli, it means a lot and has given me a big lift, my heads been all over the place with worry. We worry about our kids then they have kids so we get more worry but I wouldn't change a thing..
Im so chuffed that Olli has responded so well to the treatment that they can go home weekend, his test are coming back ok and they are happy with him but he will have to go back every evening to have an injection until the end of next week...
They have found out that he has a very low immune system and will need to be on treatment for the rest of his life. What he has is hereditary and has come from his dad, its only carried by males and Olli's dad has started it of as no one else on his side has what Olli has. Had to laugh as Olli's dad is saying he's ill now. My mind is at rest now a bit more but poor Olli I think will be missing out on a lot. The doctors have said that he is going to be spending a lot of time at the doctors needing treatment and missing a lot of time of school  when he older as he will be picking every thing up that is going about and because his immune system doesn't work properly he will need a lot of help fighting things of. He is being referred to specialists who deal with that sort of thing for treatment and they will also help my daughter with what to do. They not sure now if it is because of being born with his immune not working properly that when he had his jabs for Hib it gave him it but its took a bit to long to come out or it was a dodgy injection. They been asking all questions on where Olli has been, who he has seen and if everyone he has been in contact with have had there injections when younger as HIB virus is very rare nowadays. Don't think we will ever find out but thank god Olli is ok and will be getting help. So grateful for what the doctors at the hospitals no and to the nurses for there care...
Daughter has sent me some photo's of Olli when he 1st went in and the best one is of him today. Feel so much better now I have seen him as iv had to stay away because of my cold. Hopefully I get to see them next week.
brings back a lot of memories
so young but they so strong
lost a bit of weight but he did have extra
had his 1st Birthday the 10th October
save the best till last
thank you all again and sorry for going on a bit, a bit you say lol. I will come and see you tomorrow to see what you been up to
Take Care
xx Lozzy xx






  1. Oh Lozzy, i was just thinking about dear Olli earlier. I am so pleased to hear that he is responding well to his treatment and will be able to go home soon, you and your family must be so relieved.
    Poor thing having a condition that will need treatment for the rest of his life but thank goodness it has been spotted fairly early and hopefully the specialist will be a great help with regard to treatment and stuff.
    Gorgeous photos, the last one is so precious.
    Take care
    hugs Sue xx

  2. Oh, Lozzy, what a relief for you and all of your family!!
    Lets hope you will be giving him some bigs hugs soon.
    TFS us the pics of the little chappie, he is such a sweetie.

  3. How wonderful that his is responding well to treatment, he is a handsome little chap hopefully things will get better now.
    Kevin xx

  4. Hi Lozzy I am so pleased Olli is doing ok, what a worry for you all, he's gorgeous and has a lovely smile.
    Sending hugs Julie xxx

  5. Oh bless, he's such a gorgeous little boy! I'm glad he's doing better, and my best wishes go out to you all. x

  6. What a cutie. Wishing you all the best.

  7. Hi Lozzy, I'm so pleased that Olli is responding to the treatment and will be able to go home soon, it must be such a relief for you all - he looks such an adorable, cheerful little chap.
    Take care.


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