Sunday, 4 August 2013

Had op Thursday

Hi everyone and hope you all ok
This is hard but iv made myself get it done. Thank you for all your lovely comments and I will be back on form soon. Had my op done Thursday and got home Friday. Had a Laparoscopic Sub-Total Hysterectomy.. (womb removed by keyhole). The op went well but I am suffering since, its a bit painful to move but cant get any worse so can only get better I say. Had the coughing last night and not going to say any more about that..
Feels like I will need a few more days to get my head into gear and I no its going to be a few weeks before my body catches up lol, will be back soon.
Take Care
xx Lozzy xx


  1. Oh Lozzy I am so sorry I must of missed this, sending you lots of hugs and get well soon. I can't even to begin to imagine the pain your in.
    Take care of yourself Hun,

    Lots of hugs Julie xxxx

  2. Well done Lozzy, your so brave! At least it is done now and you can rest and regroup. Take care hunny and no more coughing lol! Heidi xxx

  3. Lozzy, glad things went as well as they could on Thursday. I am glad you didn't come out until Friday. You had me worried when you said you were coming home the same day. Just takes things easy. Yes unfortunately when you've had operations and start coughing you feel like everything is going to fall out. Keep drinking plenty of drinks and sucking some sweets to keep your mouth soothed so hopefully you don't cough. Take care. There's some messages for you on Sweet Pea Stampers Admin Blog when you feel like looking. Take cake, Kym xxx

  4. Glad the op went well Lozzy. I do hope that the pain eases soon.
    Take care and sending you hugs
    Sue xx

  5. Hi Lozzy, Glad to hear the op went well, you make sure you get plenty of rest, and take it easy, just because they let you home doesn't mean you can do everything.
    Kevin xx

  6. So glad everything went OK Lozzy, I hope you are on the mend - make sure you look after yourself.

  7. Glad to hear the op went well, Lozzy. You need time to heal and get back in shape. Don't rush it, take your time and get plenty of rest.
    xxx Asha
    Sunny Summer Crafts

  8. Glad it all went well Lozzy, hope you have a good recovery and make sure you take it easy! Susan x

  9. So wish you well Loz, so painful, can only get better, xxx

  10. Take care Lozzy......thinking of you and sending a gentle hug xx

  11. Hi Lozzy, don't try to do things too soon. have lots of rest. Even though you have had keyhole it will take a while. you may feel better on the outside but the insides will take a while to heal. I can sympathise with you. I had cancer in the womb in 2007 and had to have a full hysterectomy with the full cut. They also removed my lymph glands as the cancer had spread out.
    I hope you feel better soon.
    Best wishes

  12. Sending you gentle bugs. Please take care to take the time you need to recover. x


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