Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bin one of those weeks

Hi everyone, hope you all ok and having a great weekend..
Sorry not been around much but had one of those weeks. Tuesday hubby's mum has to go doctors as not well again and spends all day in hospital, my mum had to take her hospital as our van was in the garage being fixed. Got van back then went and stopped at hubby's mums so she had a rest as we looked after dad. Im the mean time my eldest grandson has a asthma attack and is at the doctors  twice in one day and put on the nebuliser for his breathing, he's better now but dose suffer with asthma. We get home Thursday evening and had a message from hospital saying can i ring them as its important. Get hold of them Friday morning just to find out that they have cancelled my Fridays appointment and now have to go on the 14th. As appointment was cancelled hubby said we can go Hunstanton for a few hours as the van was fixed and lovely weather but we didn't leave until 2.30pm,  so i drive there and back. We took our Nin with us (she goes every where we go) and she wasn't happy as she couldn't go on the beach so when we went  on the beach she had to stop in van and wasn't happy lol but we had a lovely day and i had me fish and chips but never got any prawns or crab stick...i love um lol... My poor step-dad had to wait till Saturday for his birthday card and pressy as we didn't get back till late and it was his birthday but he's a cool step-dad and didn't mind...Then see my youngest daughter and grandson as we had arranged to go shopping and get her something as it was her 19th birthday last week plus i had me hair cut.. After all the fun we've had i have finally managed to get a few cards made, one of then is coming next...I need a rest for least a week i recon lol..Fingers crossed that nothing else happens and things get back to normal as iv told hubby's mum that she's not going back into hospital any more as i need a rest now lol..

 Nin saying WHAT ABOUT ME

had a play
Take Care
xx Lozzy xx

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