Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hi to you all

Hi everyone..its taken me a few weeks to start this blog, but iv finally took the plunge. I don't no what I'm really doing so please bear with me. I will probably be asking for help soon but i will have a go first. This blog is so i can show cards that i have made. I have been looking at other card making blogs and i think they are all great and display some lovely cards. I have taken inspiration from other bloggers and i hope i can give you inspiration with my cards. I am quite new to card making, have been making now for about a year. It was my mother-in-law that got me into making, she has been making cards and doing different craft things for many many years. She has got me hooked, but i am glad she did. I will be posting some pictures of her cards as well as they are great. Well that's a few words from me. I will be back soon when iv found my way around here abit more.....

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